Educational Digital Facilitators (Full-Time)

Digital Mi’kmaq is seeking enthusiastic individuals with a passion for sharing their love of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) with Mi’kmaq students across Nova Scotia. As an Educational Digital Facilitator, you will be responsible for engaging grades 4-12 students through a variety of different STEAM programming, workshops, and events.  You will have blast working with kids in communities and igniting their imagination on all the possibilities before them! 

This position will require time in the classroom, as well as travel and preparation time.No experience in STEAM is required. We will provide training. As a member of the Digital Mi’kmaq team, you will not only become part of a dynamic team of instructors working to make a difference in First Nations communities, there are also great job perks: 

•      Paid vacation 

•      Paid travel across Nova Scotia 

•      Gain valuable experience teaching in culturally diverse classrooms 

•      A relaxed, flexible work environment 

•      The ability to occasionally work remotely/from home 

The Educational Facilitator’s position offers a monthly salary of $3,200. With curriculum developed and supported by subject experts, the Educational Facilitators will be responsible for teaching and assisting students by answering questions, keeping them engaged, and providing supplemental instruction when necessary within a classroom setting. Instructors will all work as a team in the delivery of enriched STEAM-focused digital programs.

Responsibilities for This Role Include:

•      Working well with others in a team based creative environment

•      Being at ease working with students from elementary to high school in hands-on learning

•      Providing mentorship through the sharing of knowledge, digital expertise, technological proficiency and creativity with First Nations students

•      Maintaining a strong, consistent, attention to detail in all aspects of program delivery ensuring all students receive great learning experiences

•      Participating in all Digital Mi'kmaq training to ensure a high level of skilled competence with our qualitative educational programs

•      Being comfortable and adept in learning various digital platforms, programs and technologies employed in teaching various subjects such as coding, animation, big data, computer science, artificial intelligence, short film making and 3D modeling

•      Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with teachers, school staff and community members

•      Participating in data capture and other aspects that highlight student's achievements in support of the program’s goals

About You:

•      You will complete a criminal check prior to being hired

•      You care deeply about the quality of your role delivering excellence to Mi’kmaq children and youth

•      You are comfortable working with technology in a creative learning environment

•      You enjoy and have experience working with youth

•      You get along well with others and offer strong communication and interpersonal skills

•      You can troubleshoot when the need arises and take a proactive approach to problem solving

•      You bring solid organizational skills

•      You are respectful, culturally aware, honest and reliable

If you are interested in joining the Digital Mi’kmaq team, please contact us at