Who We Are

Over 82% of all jobs today require skills in areas of science, technology, engineering, art or math. Yet due to the digital divide, less than a quarter of one per cent of Indigenous people in Canada work in these fields.

To rectify this growing economic disparity, Ulnooweg - a leading Indigenous non-profit organization — launched Digital Mi’kmaq. Focused on building capacity, Digital Mi’kmaq is composed of a number of programs including:

  • The delivery of qualitative, enriched, STEAM focused curriculum to Indigenous students from Primary to Grade 12;

  • The establishment of fully resourced Digital Maker Labs on reserves supported by ongoing programs;

  • Advanced educational opportunities in science;

  • Connected research projects;

  • Empowering students in their home communities with inspirational guests;

  • Incorporating Indigenous science in STEAM based publicly shared programs;

  • Launching Indigenous innovations & companies.

Since we launched in 2018, Digital Mi’kmaq has worked with over 10 thousand Indigenous students one-on-one through our enriched curriculum program, established Maker Labs on every reserve in Nova Scotia, set up after school clubs, created dozens of unique projects in AI, Big Data, Animation, Computer Science, Engineering and Math, built long term educational partnerships and changed the academic trajectory of Indigenous students pursuing post secondary careers in STEM as a result of our initiative.                                                   

As we move forward into our second year of operations Digital Mi’kmaq will continue to deliver the next tier of our programs sharing best practices from an Indigenous perspective through our integrated suite of programs as we scale up.

Check out our progress to date in our quarterly reports below!